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UK Christmas Ad Round Up 2015

The retailer race to be top of the tree this Christmas is on. Retailers including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Iceland have been teasing their Christmas advertising for weeks, but now the majority of the campaigns

The retailer race to be top of the tree this Christmas is on. Retailers including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Iceland have been teasing their Christmas advertising for weeks, but now the majority of the campaigns are officially launched, who will be sitting pretty at the top of the Christmas list?

This year it’s clear than many have taken lessons from John Lewis, the reigning champ of Christmas advertising with its already classic festive formular.

Competitors have latched on to the use of powerful and affecting music choices. Asda’s Shazam-able “Because It’s Christmas” ad blasts out the ‘Sax’ from The X Factor starlet Fleur East’s debut single, while TK Maxx’s “Neighbour” creative features a classic by Otis Reading. Waitrose highlights the festive scenes of Christmas alongside the catchy lyrics “Everybody eats when they come to my house”. Above all this year’s campaigns make good attempts at showing a warm, homely side of Christmas.

John Lewis Christmas TV ad 2015 – #ManOnTheMoon

The Man on the Moon is given depth and edge thanks to its link with Age UK. The idea pivots on the heart-breaking fact that one million elderly people in the UK won’t speak to a single person in the month of Christmas.

The retailer has once again spent £7m on a campaign that ranges from the slick TV ad to a smartphone game and merchandise, including glow in the dark pyjamas, as well as areas decked out like the surface of the moon in 11 stores.

The ad’s strapline is: “Show someone they’re loved this Christmas”, which echoes Age UK’s own campaign: “No one should have no one at Christmas”. Profits from three products – a mug, gift tag and card – will go to the charity.

Waitrose Christmas TV ads 2015 – What Makes Your Christmas?

Waitrose has beaten sister retail brand John Lewis to launching its Christmas TV ad, which features celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and a 1948 Cab Calloway jazz classic.

Waitrose – which used adam&eveDDB, the agency best known for making a string of famous commercials for John Lewis – launched its Christmas ad online on Wednesday.

In October, Waitrose used a digitally remastered version of the signature song from the 1967 film Winnie Pooh and the Blustery Day to run with its autumn ad campaign.

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Sainsbury’s has revealed the much-loved children’s book character Mog as the star of its Christmas campaign set to up the stakes in the battle for hearts  – and spending.

The advert – which lasts three minutes and 30 seconds – features the calamity-prone cat in a brand-new Christmas tale written by the author of the original series Judith Kerr, who even makes a cameo appearance.

The new book, Mog’s Christmas Calamity, is on sale exclusively in Sainsbury’s stores for £3 alongside a £10 soft toy.

The advert has been declared as the winner of the Christmas advert ‘comfortably beating’ John Lewis and is ‘the best Christmas advert every’ according to Twitter.

Mulberry Christmas ad 2015 – #MulberryMiracle

Adam&Eve/DDB have been busy this year with their tongue-in-cheek adaptation of the nativity to promote Mulberry. Instead of the baby Jesus the ad shows a woman being gifted the bag before being visited by three kings, wise men and a shepherd who all come to adore the £900 present.

Harvey Nichols Christmas 2015 – Avoid #GiftFace

Harvey Nichols always has a bit of a snarky Christmas campaign—most notably, “Sorry, I Spent It on Myself” from 2013, which won a slew of ad awards for adam&eveDDB. The British retailer on Monday unveiled its 2015 holiday work—and it’s all about remedying the horrible affliction known as “gift face,” where you must offer a rictus of glee upon receiving a truly woeful present.

The new campaign, again from adam&eveDDB, was based on unimpeachable research suggesting 72 percent of U.K. adults have admitted to pulling “gift face” to save the feelings of a loved one—and 63 percent admit to wearing or using an unwanted gift after Christmas to keep up the pretense.

Plus, the whole theme fits nicely with Harvey Nichols’ general philosophy, which is it isn’t  better to give than to receive at Christmas—it’s better to receive, and you’d better receive something nice.

Currys PC World Christmas TV ads 2015 – Spare The Act (playlist)

“Spare the Act” breaks the rules set by John Lewis and injects humour and personality into what seems like a familiar ad set up, but is turned on its head by the comedic qualities of Jeff and the art direction. The range of scenes and subtleties, such as the HD transition in the “Movies” ad, is genius and gets the gold star this festive season.

Burberry Christmas campaign celebrates Billy Elliot

Burberry has recreated the opening scene of Billy Elliot for its Christmas advertisement – but featuring a cast of celebrities – as the annual seasonal tussle for shoppers’ hearts, minds and cash gets under way. Featuring Romeo Beckham, James Corden, Elton John and Naomi Campbell.

M&S Christmas TV ad 2015 – #TheArtOfChristmas

ASDA Christmas TV ad 2015 – #becauseitschristmas

Morrisons Christmas 2015 – Handmade Right Here

Aldi Christmas Advert 2015 #AldiFavouriteThings

Lidl Christmas Advert 2015 – #LidlSchoolOfChristmas

TK Maxx Christmas Advert 2015 – Love Your Neighbour

The couple upstairs. The lady next door. Sue and Pete (or is it Paul?) from number 44. They might not be your dearest, but they are your nearest. So this Christmas, let’s get into the festive spirit. With magical gifts for less, why not give just one more? Spread a little TK Maxx.

Boots Christmas TV advert 2015: #DiscoverMore

The Argos Christmas TV Advert 2015 – #JustCantWait For Christmas

Sky Movies Christmas TV ad 2015 – #SkyMoviesAdventure

Duracell Star Wars Christmas TV ad 2015 – Battle for Christmas Morning

Lloyds Bank Christmas TV ad 2015 – #loveyoutothestars

PayPal Christmas TV ad 2015 – No presents

British Gas Christmas TV ad 2015

Debenhams Christmas Advert 2015: #foundit

Debenhams has shifted tact this Christmas, bringing back its ‘Found It’ positioning with the injection of a little humor thanks to comedians Dawn French, Sarah Millican and James Nesbit.

Instagram and Facebook competitions have been launched, encouraging customers to share a selfie of themselves using #foundit, with the ideal gift they have found at Debenhams. Entrants have the chance to win a £1,000 gift card as well as the chance to appear as part of a Metro cover wrap in December.