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The Ultimate 2017 Christmas Retail Ad Round Up: Unveiling Creative Store Experiences and Marketing Magic

Discover the highlights of the Christmas 2017 retail ad landscape in our comprehensive round-up. Explore a collection of creative store experiences and ingenious marketing approaches that defined the holiday season. From innovative pop-up shops to

Discover the highlights of the Christmas 2017 retail ad landscape in our comprehensive round-up. Explore a collection of creative store experiences and ingenious marketing approaches that defined the holiday season. From innovative pop-up shops to tech-forward facial recognition features, lets take a closer look at the memorable moments from the world of retail.

M&S  – Paddington & The Christmas Visitor, #LoveTheBear

To coincide with the new movie release of Paddington 2, M&S have this year cleverly piggy backed the media hype and enlisted the A-list star cameo in their ad.

In conjunction with the commercial M&S have released a children’s book for sale for £3, £2 of which will be donated to NSPCC’s child line. Social content was also created using well know TV personalities reading the book in a ‘Jackanori’ or ‘Book-a-Boo’ format.

Myer – Elf’s Journey

They’re back and this time they’re learning that There’s Nothing Like Christmas Together. For every share of the film on Facebook Myer will donate $1 to the Salvation Army to help more Aussie families have a magical Christmas.

Like M&S, the story of ELf’s journey was also created as a children’s book that can be activated into a Pop-Up book through Myer’s Augmented reality app ‘ElfVision’. For the first time ever, Myer Melbourne’s famous Bourke Street windows also follow the story of the book and ad.

To support the campaign the ElfVision Augmented Reality app also activates experiences in catalogues, gift tags, Gift cards, and in-store as a game of hide-and-seek, and an AR instagram wall.

Naturally I love this because I was part of the incredible team who created the whole experience.

And here’s my prediction for retail in 2018: Next year will all be about AR!

House of Fraser – Bring Merry Back

There are a series of events at Christmas that you remember vividly as a child. The gigantic tubs of Quality Streets that were stored just out of reach on the tops of fridges and cupboards, the writing of endless wish lists and excitedly counting the number of sleeps till Santa would visit.

Well, this year, House of Fraser are recapturing that Christmas magic in their Christmas ad with a much-needed trip down memory lane. Complete with paper chains, stick-on Santa beards and some quality family time, watch as two sisters fall back into their younger selves, reminded of the joy that Christmas can bring.

Debenhams – #YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas

Debenhams have enlisted Ewan McGregor in their Christmas commercial in a modern take on the Cinderella fairytale. An evolution of previous years’ #Foundit at Debenhams campaign.

John Lewis – #MoztheMonster

The most-hotly anticipated ad of the year, has finally signalled the start of Christmas.

This year however social media has had a 50:50 response to the story of a little boy and his unlikely friendship with a seven foot monster called Moz.

Amazon  – ‘Give’ 60″

What do you do when you don’t have any physical stores? Show singing boxes of course.

A cute spot that shows what happens when hundreds of Amazon boxes go on a magical journey, to send a smile this Christmas all whilst singing Roger Hodgson’s anthem “Give a Little Bit.”

David Jones – Now It Feels Like Christmas

In John Lewis style, David Jones have released their Christmas campaign that follows a Gingerbread man as he tours the world carefully selecting gifts for his loved ones. From festive fashion and accessories, to fresh food and the latest tech, we follow the Gingerbread man as he unlocks the magic of Christmas with that special gift.

Macy’s – The Perfect Gift Brings People Together

Macy’s have taken a leaf from John Lewis’s archive this year in this emotive spot from BBDO NY.

Target – Together’s the Joy

Target have enlisted Barbie and the lego crew for this years holiday spot.

The theme for 2017 certainly seems to be all about togetherness.

And now for the supermarkets…

Lidl – Everything Lidl for Christmas

The supermarket sprung into Christmas action with 2017’s “Cavalier Carver”, as the ad centred around the humble family dining table as the carver dramatically took his knife to a turkey.

ALDI UK – Kevin The Carrot 2

A carrot comes to life for the second year as the avid root adventurer inches closer to meeting Santa.

Abandoning his post as the nose for a Snow Man, he finds quite the feast on a midnight express locomotive: and love, in the form of a carrot perched on some pies.

Cue a heroic move, rhyming quatrains and an x-rated pun, and you’ve got yourself Aldi’s Christmas ad.

ALDI Australia – The More The Merrier

Christmas in Australia is a time for blow-ins and drop-ins, tag-alongs and plus ones. It’s always the more the merrier, and that’s why at ALDI you can give more for less with our quality Christmas range.

ASDA – Best. Christmas. Ever.

One of the live action ads to hit screens this season, Asda’s offering is part Wes Anderson-esque, part Willy Wonka as a girl and her grandfather venture into the “Imaginarium”.

As Fleetwood Mac’s hit Don’t Stop plays in the background, we’re taken through a hive of different workshops, from turkey tasting to igloo smashing – and a “gin laser” – it’s a magical workshop of Christmas proportions.

Morrisons – Free From

Another one with actual humans, we’re presented with a family going about their Christmas rituals, from nativity scenes to putting the star on the tree, to hanging out with reindeer. The usual.

Finally, they head to the supermarket to pick up supplies where “everyone is included”, with the piece de resistance Christmas feast.

Sainsbury’s – #EverybitofChristmas

Sainsbury’s fun packed commercial has a catchy chorus that millions will be find impossible to get out of their heads this year.

Composed by comedian-cum-rapper Ben “Doc Brown” Bailey and song writer Mikis Michaelides, the 90 second sing-a-long features Brits’ favourite Christmas memories from mum’s roast potatoes to naff jumpers.

Shot in black and white, the stars are shoppers, their families and store staff with cameo appearances from Royale Family favourite Ricky Tomlinson and the king of the Christmas movie Kermit the Frog.

Waitrose – #Christmastogether

This year Waitrose tells the story of a local pub that gets snowed-in, and the humanity of those inside who pull together to make Christmas special.

And a few other noteworthy retailers…

Argos – #ReadyForTakeOff

Set in a futuristic (or just more modern than our memories remember) workshop, Argos’ ad has elves putting the finishing touches on Santa’s loot before it flies off from the North Pole.

The whole gist was to illustrate the chain’s fast delivery, as instead of a traditional sleigh, these toys were taking off on a rocket-powered ship with nary a reindeer in sight.

Toys R Us – Geoffrey the Part Time Reindeer

This year the reindeer have the night off as the toy store debuts their cartoon ad for the year with a family-friendly jingle.

After the reindeer are let loose in the store, Santa finds his right-hand man in a flying giraffe that takes over the sleigh for the Christmas deliveries.

Currys PC World  – Merry Techmas

The PC World has released a headbanging advert this year.

Set in a family loungeroom as a metal houseparty takes place, a man (one of the kids’ fathers? Or just a dude holding a houseparty?) takes three gothy youths around his abode showing off various tech-sessories.

TK Maxx – A White Christmas

Very.co.uk – Get More Out of Giving

This year Very.co.uk have made an animated spot reminiscent of last year’s Sainsbury’s spot with a sprinkling of Pixar’s ‘UP’.

It follows the story of a big-hearted little girl as she spreads festive cheer by giving pink-wrapped gifts. Our heroine is accompanied by Ulfie, her much-loved toy wolf. With each gift she gives, we see her happily cross yet another name off her long list until it’s bedtime on Christmas Eve and there’s just one name left. Our little hero leaves her cosy bed to struggle through the snow, losing rag-eared Ulfie along the way. And just when it seems all is lost, a huge but familiar looking wolf appears to help her on her perilous journey until – shock – both the wolf and her final pink gift are lost over an icy waterfall eventually washing up in front of some very recognisable black boots. She awakens on Christmas Day to find Ulfie still missing – or is he?

Opening the pink gift box that’s mysteriously on her window ledge, she opens it to find Ulfie, his rag ear sewn up, and the final name magically crossed off her list, Santa!

Boots – #ShowThemYouKnowThem

A lovely sentiment in this warm spot for Boots.