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The Supermarket Super Christmas Hit List

Possibly my favourite category of Christmas commercials, and this year sees, in my opinion, 2014's winner. Yes, I said it, there's a better ad than John Lewis. Enjoy! Sainsbury's UK - Christmas is for sharing Built on

Possibly my favourite category of Christmas commercials, and this year sees, in my opinion, 2014’s winner. Yes, I said it, there’s a better ad than John Lewis. Enjoy!

Sainsbury’s UK – Christmas is for sharing

Built on a beautiful insight steeped in history Sainsbury’s have touched the hearts of a nation. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion the ad was inspired by the extraordinary story of a 1914 Christmas truce during World War I, where British and German soldiers stopped fighting and came together in a remarkable display of human nature to unite and share a game of football. The chocolate bar that features in the ad will be available to buy in local Sainsbury’s stores. It’s £1, and all profits will be donated to the Royal British Legion. This commercial, to me, sends the biggest message and touches the most hearts. Well done Sainsbury’s.

Waitrose UK – The Gingerbread Stall

Everyone who works at Waitrose owns Waitrose. When you own something, you care just that little bit more. Waitrose’s Christmas ad brings this idea to life through the story of a girl who is put in charge of making delicious gingerbread biscuits for her class’s stall at the school Christmas fair.

Asda UK – The story of Christmas smiles

A bit predictable without any deep insight but nicely executed none-the-less.

Iceland UK – Peter Andre, Desserts

Iceland have used a number of British celebs to appear in their Christmas ads this year. All a little tongue-in-cheek they’re able to take the rise out of themselves with a fun, warm Christmas message.

Aldi UK- Everyone’s coming to us this Christmas

A good range story, ALDI UK have certainly got the Christmas spirit with a touch of humour and a good measure of food porn. However, it lacks a tangible insight that ALDI Australia have nailed this year.

ALDI Australia – Specially Selected for the the perfect Aussie Christmas

This is ALDI Australia’s second major Christmas campaign. It celebrates all the great things about an Aussie Christmas through the eyes of a man named Johan who has returned to his small snow covered village Julbacken after a trip to Australia. He brings with him strange tales of a summer Christmas, many of which seem out of place to the somewhat skeptical villagers.

Tesco UK – Lights On

This Christmas Tesco’s idea is an answer to a tweet from a customer in 2013, “Why does Tesco Wigan never have a Christmas hat?”. The whole concept is built around lighting up the town of Wigan. Proof that entertainment goes a long way in retail. To accompany the original concept TV ads with the theme ‘Lights On’ feature families preparing to light up their homes for Christmas. Even Pepper Pig get a cameo role!

Walmart US

This year Walmart have opted to create a number of 30 second commercials that talk to each area of their business, from gift to credit cards and more.