Storefront of Lacoste Store

On May 7, Lacoste Melrose Place, the new concept store by French heritage brand Lacoste, revealed the next chapter of its retail narrative: Lacoste Country Club. According to the company, Lacoste looked to its own rich tennis history to create an elaborate and thoughtful retail experience, transporting shoppers to a destination that evokes the spirit of a luxurious yet inclusive Southern California country club. Jason Kim, senior vice-president of marketing for Lacoste U.S.A. said, “As we emerge out of the pandemic, consumers are looking for connectivity and community. I believe we’ll see more of a demand for physical interaction or experiences and cravings for in-person energy.”

inside of retail store



















The Lacoste Melrose Place store opened in March but will be reimagined about every six weeks with new product assortments and varying themes. Kim discussed the goal of creating the ultimate customer shopping experience which has sparked a recent invigoration around the brand with a new generation of consumers that are excited to see Lacoste with a fresh perspective, “We’ve been planning an exciting evolution for the brand that you’ll continue to see in the coming months and years. Lacoste Melrose Place is only the beginning.”