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Grolsch goes interactive

Somewhere out there is a policeman who is so cold he doesn’t even have to speak to get a confession from the local criminals he interrogates. The man who never speaks hears everything, you see. And apparently for some reason, he also likes to buy Grolsch for people he doesn’t know. Go figure.


UK Shop Beattie McGuinness Bungay put together this interactive experience, complete with case study to show how punters could watch the ad, and then send an SMS to Journt, for a chance to get a four pack of Grolsch– that is, if he’s heard of you. And if he has, he’ll send you a voucher, along with a handy dandy pin on a map showing the closest place for you to get some beer.


It’s definitely an experience that makes use of media. And apparently 2,000 peeps a day were sending texts for their chance for a couple brewskis on the house.


What I’m still missing though is why is a policeman who never speaks a word moonlighting as a fellow beer angel. I guess it has something to do with Big Bold Character? Or something?


Maybe if you’ve had too many and try and drive home Journt will come and silently arrest you, too. Now THAT would be a proper campaign extension.


Ad agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay